10 Exciting Team Building Games for 2023

Whether you’re looking for activities for your work team, church, or any other organization, fun games are an excellent opportunity to build teams and have exciting new experiences together.

The more novelty, the better you’ll break your team members out of their shells and have them working together toward a common goal. They’ll forge bonds and develop communication strategies that they can bring back with them to their routine team activities.

But destination group events can be hard to coordinate effectively. Finding the right facility that suits your team's needs can be a headache. This is why turning your own space into the destination is a great option for team-building activities.

Want to turn your space into a team-building destination? Here are 10 fun team building games you can rent today through Flyside Games:

1. Host a Giant Soccer Match

Coordinated team sports are among the best examples of excellent teamwork. At the professional level, they seem to almost read each other's minds. Of course, playing most traditional team sports may be too involved for most organizational teams to benefit from.

This is where the Giant Soccer Ball comes in.

Giant soccer has teams competing in a similar fashion to regular-sized soccer -- but with a gigantic soccer ball. This allows for healthy competition between teams regardless of previous skill level in regular soccer competitions.

Giant soccer is a ton of fun and has teams quickly learning how to communicate quickly and effectively while facing a unique new challenge.

Add Bubble Balls for an added layer of fun to your soccer match.

2. Test your Team’s Strategy with Nerf Battles

Let’s face it, paintball is probably a little too intense for an office outing. But a Nerf battle is much less likely to leave painful welts. By pitting teams together in a tactical competition you’ll encourage actionable team strategy sessions.

3. Have a Blast with Water Battles

Austin is hot. Why not offer a chance for your team to cool down with the world’s most powerful water guns? Throw a twist on the classic Nerf Battles using bunkers and teams. Everyone will enjoy this game.

These water guns are ridiculously fun and easy to rent right here.

4.  Set Up a Game of Crossnet

As with ping pong and baseball, sometimes the best games come by reimagining the old. Crossnet is one of the latest reimaginings of a classic game.

Crossnet is an innovative new variation on volleyball. Instead of two sides, Crossnet has four -- creating a whole set of novel challenges. Although this game isn’t necessarily a team competition, it can be easily modified allowing for unique new combinations and skills.

Crossnet is easy to set up and affordable to rent. You can find everything you need for a fun game of Crossnet right here.

5. Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is a classic game dating all the way back to Civil War era America. Evers since, it has been a staple of American teamwork in action.

So, if having your teams shoot at each other with Nerf guns doesn’t seem like a good idea, but you want to work on tactical strategy and decision making, then capture the flag is the perfect game.

6. Have a Field Day

Sack races, relay races, pass the egg, yard games. The list of field day team-building games can go on and on. A field day offers a relatively lost-cost way to challenge your teams’ teamwork, bring people together, and learn about each other.

7. Traverse an Inflatable Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses offer a unique set of physical challenges that test both body and mind.

When you think of an obstacle course you might think of this as an individual challenge -- something you figure out on your own. But many obstacle courses are meant to be traversed with careful teamwork by two or more people.

These challenges offer an excellent opportunity to improve on-the-spot communication techniques while learning to intuitively work together effectively. An inflatable obstacle course is perfect for teams who are working together in a physical setting or in a dynamic office environment.

8. Have a Game Night

Physical challenges may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Plus, they may be more distant from the day-to-day challenges your team actually faces. This is why board game nights can be a great low-cost team-building strategy.

Board game nights give people ample opportunity to get to know each other, develop plans based on tightly limited resources, and challenge their minds.

Don’t be afraid to let people have a few drinks either!

9. Sing Karaoke

Love them or dread them, you’ve almost certainly had some experience with the (in)famous karaoke machine.

You might be wondering how karaoke builds teamwork. Well teamwork, and the bonds that foster it, are strengthened when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Karaoke is a wonderful way to help everyone put aside their masks and pretensions to open up.

No need to find an out-of-the-way bar to host your karaoke party; you can rent a karaoke machine right here.

10. Throw a Party!

Sometimes, after a busy quarter or season teams begin to feel exhausted -- maybe even a little burnt out. When this happens, the best thing to do isn’t host a competition or challenge but let everyone loosen up with a little celebration.

After all, who doesn’t love a party?

At the end of the day, teams are built on sustainable relationships and parties are among the best ways to build them.

Looking for a Foam Party Canon instead? Click here!

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