15 Occasions That Call for Lighted Marquee Letters

Lighted Marquee Letters -- you know, those big bold letters that light up -- are a must-have for the best parties and yard sign rentals.

Offered in a range of styles and designs, Lighted Marquee Letters provide a decorative statement for all kinds of events.

These letters allow you to spruce up just about any space. With them, you can turn a garage into an event space, or make your living room Instagram-worthy. Truly, Marquee Letters can transform just about any setting.Yard Sign Rental Austin

If any of these fifteen occasions are coming up for you, then you should consider renting Marquee Letters.

1. Weddings to RememberAustin Marquee Letters Rental

Weddings call for the bold but tasteful decoration that Marquee Letters provide.

Marquee letters can be used for a wide range of purposes at weddings. For instance, you can use them to boldly display the names of the bride and groom, for photoshoots, and to mark off tables for guests.

2. Beautiful Birthday Parties

Birthday parties can be hard to decorate for. You want to keep to the person’s style while still making a statement. Marquee Letters can help with any birthday theme.

3. Seasonal HolidaysYard Sign Rentals Austin

Every holiday may call for uniquely themed decorations -- but Marquee Letters provide a versatile means to decorate your home to match the season.

Show off your festivity to the neighborhood with Marquee letters spelling out “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Halloween,” or whatever the next holiday calls for.

4. Unique PhotoshootsGraduation Party Rental Austin

Whether for a yearly family photo or a creative pop-up, Lighted and regular Marquee Letters offer an interesting (and easily adjusted) set piece for your pictures. Their versatility means you can fit them into just about any design.

5. Flashy Grand Openings

Grand openings are meant to be bold and make your brand impossible to ignore. Marquee Letters are a simple way to add to your business’s grand opening theme. They can even make for a wonderful permanent staple.

6. Professional Business or Corporate EventsParty Ideas Austin

When you’re hosting a corporate event, the last thing you want is for it to feel like “just another corporate event.” But it’s tricky to remain professional while making a creative statement.

Marquee Letters provide a tasteful and professional way to spruce up a business event. With them, you can boldly label different areas or aspects of your event, provide instructions, or even just boldly present the event name at the entrance.

7. Home Decoration

Sometimes, you don’t need a specific reason to decorate your home. Marquee Letters can provide a wonderful addition to a living room or entranceway.

For instance, at your entrance, you could use the letter to spell “Welcome.” Or, in your living room, you could signal a vibe you want to give off like “Love,” Family,” or “Home.”

8. Big AnniversariesLighted Marquee Letters Rental Austin

Anniversaries are a big deal -- so they deserve the big decoration just like any other party. Tell the world how long you’ve been married by presenting the number with Lighted Marquee Letters.

9. Fun Baby showers

Fun baby showers call for fun decorations. Lighted Marquee Letters can provide fun and tasteful decor for your baby shower.

10. Creative Gender Reveals

Gender reveals have been getting a bad rap recently. Sure, setting off fireworks in a dry forest might not be the best idea, but you can still make a bright revelation another way: with Marquee Letters!

Letters can light up in different colors to reveal the gender

11. Not-So-Casual Get-togethersAustin Party Ideas

Turn a casual get-together into an event to remember with Marquee Letters.

12. Sporting events

Whether for a local little league or for major competitions, sporting events demand big visuals. Lighted Marquee Letters can provide bold signs for teams, signs for concessions, and any other signs needed for sports events.

13. Group Outings of Any Kind

From field days to corn mazes, to regular outdoor parties and picnics -- all these can make great use of Lighted Marquee Letters. After using Marquee Letters once, hand-painted signs just won’t cut it anymore.

14. Truly Surprising Surprise Parties

When throwing a surprise party you often don’t have much time to set up and decorate. Lighted Marquee Letter allows for a quick setup that gives the appearance of timely preparation.

15. Interesting Fundraisers

Aside from being a cool decoration, Lighted Marquee Letters Help attendees visualize how much is being raised. For instance, you could set up certain major numbers along the way to your fundraising goal. After each set is achieved you could light up the number.

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