9 Steps to a Nerf War Victory

Can you beat your friends in a Nerf war? Here are 9 steps to a Nerf war victory.


Nerf wars have come a long way since you were a kid. Find out how you can win your first Nerf war with these 9 steps. 

Ever want to go to battle with your friends, but paintball is too involved and laser tag isn’t available? This is where Nerf battles come in. 

Nerf guns have come a long way since you were a kid and there are now serious players and hard-core competitions. 

Before you jump into your first game you should take time to figure out your winning strategy. Here are 9 steps you need to take to win your first Nerf war. 

  1. Make sure your gun is working properly


Checking your weapon may seem obvious, but it’s also easy to forget or assume it works how you expect it to. You don’t want to be facing down with your enemy only to realize you didn’t load your gun correctly!

Here are the things you’ll want to check to ensure you maintain your full advantage: 

  • Check for defects, cracks, or anything else that may cause problems.
  • Make sure your weapon is firing correctly without jamming or misfiring. 
  • Identify *how* your weapon fires. Does it veer a little to one side? Now you’ll know to correct. 
  • Take note of any other small issues that may influence your shooting -- like a trigger that tends to stick. 

  1. Assign positions 

On any Nerf team, you’re going to have people with different skill sets and abilities. To get the upper hand, and win the Nerf war, be sure to assign positions based on everyone’s strengths. 

For instance, if someone is a great shot, make her the sniper. If someone is quick and observant, make him an ammo collector to retrieve spent Nerf darts. And, of course, the sneaky one should be the spy gathering intel for your strategy. 

Also, be sure to allocate ammo according to positions. The spy shouldn’t need as many rounds, but the defender holding down the base will need a lot to stave off the enemy. 

Note that finding out who is best in different positions may take a few games to figure out. So as you play, be sure to watch out for your teammates’ skillsets.  

  1. Establish a plan of attack with your team

If your plan is to just charge and shoot the enemy, then you probably won’t last long. Instead, establish a plan with specific positions planned out for your teammates and a way to get around your opponent’s defenses.  

In your plan, be sure to come up with multiple alternatives. If one thing is true in nerf war it’s that things rarely happen as we expect. 

  1. Use a code language

While it may sound complex, a code language doesn’t have to be much. It's just enough so that you can yell out simple instructions to your teammates without your opponents understanding. 

For instance, instead of saying “go left” or “go right,” you can say “green” or “blue.” And, instead of names, use code names or numbers. These are easy to remember and your opponent won’t have much time to figure it out while they’re under fire. 

Be sure to change your code language each round so your opponents don’t have the opportunity to catch on. 

  1. Be patient, be stealthy

When you start off a Nerf war it’s easy to just want to get to the action. After all, that’s why you’re playing. But when you’re too hasty you’re more likely to fall into traps. Be patient and let the other team fall into yours instead! 

  1. Conserve your ammo 

In the movies, they never seem to run out. In real life, you’ll run out -- quickly! Whenever you get the chance, you should take a second to take stock of your ammo supply. 

Firing three rapid misses is always less effective than one slow, careful placed shot. So take aim, take a breath, then take your shot. 

  1. Watch out for tricks

In Nerf wars, sabotage is the name of the game. So, be sure to keep a suspicious eye and ear out for tricks. 

Does the other team seem like they’re shouting tactics a little too loudly?  Well, then that’s probably bait. Something seems too easy? Take a step back and consider how you might be exposed to enemy fire. 

Be sure to plan your own tricks to keep your opponents guessing. 

  1. Know your limits


Going into your first Nerf war, you’re going to be unsure of your skill level and abilities. But, chances are, you’re not Rambo and shouldn’t jump in with your Nerf gun blazing. 

Getting taken out right away doesn’t help anyone. During your first match, test the waters -- find your skills. Even Rambo had to start somewhere. 

  1. Learn to regroup

The battle isn’t the war and losing one battle doesn’t mean you’ve lost the war.

When fighting a Nerf war, you’re bound to lose one or two rounds. The key to winning the war then is to learn from your mistakes and regroup. After each round, it’s best to discuss with your team to determine what went well and what you can improve for next time. 

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