Austin Bounce House Rentals & Other Awesome Things to Consider for Your Party

If you are in the planning stage of your next special event, gathering or party, there are many things you’ll want to consider along the way when looking for a unique attraction. Did you know that one of the most popular features in Texas for birthday parties and special events for youth are Austin bounce house rentals

The reality is that kids and teenagers are high energy. With the cost of everything increasing, trips that used to be viable, like go kart racing or bowling parties, are now costlier and more difficult to book due to high demand. To help you better plan your next big shindig, here are some popular add-ons you can consider adding to the roster of features at your next event. 

Austin Bounce House Rentals

You’ve probably seen them at birthday parties. They’re a common feature and staple at church events, youth events and for team building exercises. We’re talking about bounce house rentals in Texas; a cost effective, safe and fun way to add an engaging and exhilarating amenity to any special event. 

Bounce houses are ideal for kids age 5 and older, and don’t be mistaken: teenagers love them too! They feature interactive pylons and an interior basketball hoop to add even more fun, and they’re easy to set up. All you'll need is a nearby plug outlet or an extension cord. 

When considering one of the most cost effective features you can add to liven up any party or event, bounce houses for rent Austin, TX will provide hours of unending fun and good times for the kids (adults can have some fun along the way too). Unlike other services, we don’t require that an operator/supervisor be on hand. All you need to do is sign the waiver and we’ll drop off and set up your bounce house today!

Here are several other fun options that you can consider adding to make your next big day one that’s unforgettable for all who attend. 

Consider Adding Bubble Balls

Imagine being in a gigantic plastic bubble and being able to race down an inflatable race track or navigate an obstacle course. That’s what you will find with our Austin Bubble Ball rentals. They’re a cost effective and extremely fun addition to any event!

What’s more, adults can have just as much fun in bubble balls as the kids do. Let your inner child come out again as you race around the grass trying to bump into other people!

Make it a Nerf Battle

What kid doesn’t like running around playing cops and robbers and shooting the iconic Nerf darts at one another? It’s a great activity that burns calories and keeps kids engaged from start to finish as they race around the yard racking up points. 

With options for youngsters and teens with our Austin Nerf Battle Sets, which include protective face gear, you can let the good times roll!

Don’t Forget the Water Slide

Who doesn’t love water slides? But just because you want a water slide at your next event doesn't mean you need to own a pool. It also doesn’t mean you need to break the bank just to add something cool and unique to your party's offerings. 

Our Austin water slide rentals are competitively priced and will add hours of wholesome fun in the sun that everyone will love. Like our bounce houses, they don’t require an operator to be on site if you sign the waiver when checking out. And like our other rentals, we’ll drop it off and pick it back up once you’re done. 

Foam Cannon Rentals 

If you really want to add something unique to the mix, take a look at our options for Austin foam parties. Our foam cannon is one-of-a-kind and awesome (and yes, it’s a cannon that shoots massive amounts of foam like you’ve never seen before)! 

These cannons can cover an entire yard in foam (don’t worry, it naturally dissolves with no toxins) that can be stacked up to 10 feet high. It’s a great addition for any event, and you can bet your bottom dollar that kids love to fire the foam cannon. Make sure you consider adding an additional 30 minutes of foam solution to your order so you don’t run out.

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