Austin bounce house rentals

An Austin bounce house rental can add that special element of fun to any birthday party. Due to the immense popularity of bounce houses, though, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration before you book yours. Here are some helpful things to know in advance, while you’re still in the pre-planning stages of your kid’s special birthday event. 

How Far In Advance Should I Book a Bounce House Rental in Austin?

The fairest and most honest answer is: As far out as possible. Bounce houses have some sort of seasonality to them, but the demand is increasing by so much every year that we’ve been working hard to expand our footprint around Austin and other areas throughout the great state of Texas. Waiting until the last minute to book one is not advised, and with our easy online scheduling, you can have that party rental secured in no time!

What Are the Appropriate Ages for Bounce Houses? 

We advise that you only rent our bounce houses in Austin for children ages five and up. Of course bounce house rentals are great for people of all ages. So it’s totally fine for the teenagers and adults to get in on some hopping, jumping, frolicking fun that easily will become the main attraction and staple to any birthday party! 

Are Bounce Houses Safe? 

Bounce houses are very safe and are also lots of fun! Our operators will come and set up your bounce house and secure it to the ground first. Next, we’ll go over some simple safety rules, as outlined in your waiver. After the bounce house has been properly set up and inflated, it’s time to enjoy hours of no-frills fun with your children!

How Much Room Do I Need?

A good rule of thumb to follow here is to measure about 14 to 18 feet in all directions. Then give an extra few feet for borders. Bounce houses are best situated on stable, flat ground like a grass lawn.

You’ll also want to factor in having an electric outlet nearby, or within 50 feet of the bounce house. We can help you with options to rent a 50-foot electric cord and a generator if need be.

How Much Do Austin Bounce House Rentals Cost

Our bounce house rentals are competitively priced and the pricing includes a full day of usage as well as delivery and set up. After you’re done, give us a call and we’ll come back and deflate the bounce house and take it away. We start our rentals at $199. Have a look at your options for renting bounce houses in Austin, Texas

Do I Need an Operator On Site with My Rental? 

One of the most common questions we get asked is: Do I have to have someone from your company watching over the bounce house and monitoring it while my children enjoy their party? The simple answer is: No.

Unlike many other service providers, we offer you the option to save money by signing a simple waiver before you rent the bounce house. Our operators are available for an added fee, otherwise, they will just be there to set your bounce house up and break it back down after you’re done using it. 

How Long Do I Get The Rental For?

You get to keep, use and enjoy our bounce houses for the entire day! When you’re booking your rental, make sure to select the desired drop off and pick up times in the calendar. We’ll be sure to send our operators out at those times, so you can focus on making your next birthday party event one that every will enjoy!


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