Foam Parties: History

The Seven Fun Foam Party Ideas You Have to Try This Summer

If you’re throwing a party but don’t want it to be just the same old same old, one of the best ways to spruce up your party is to add a fun theme. From a mediocre experience to an event to remember -- with the right attraction, you can transform your party. 

This is where foam parties come in.

Foam parties experienced a lull for a few years but, recently, everyone is rediscovering the fun that foam parties have to offer. Foam parties are now a major attraction for both kids and adult parties. 

These sudsy fun parties originated in dance clubs in the early ’90s. Back then, you needed an extra special venue and expensive foam cannons to throw a foam party. But now they are easier and more affordable than ever

Foam parties have been around a while and there are a lot of possibilities to explore. So, if you want to integrate some foamy fun into your next party, here are five ideas to get you started:

  1. Glow in the Dark Foam Party

There’s just something fun about entering an environment full of unusual colors, sounds, and vibes. If that sounds like your kind of good time then a glow-in-the-dark foam party is for you.

Best thrown at night or in a dimly indoor venue, this foam party theme is a great addition to a dance party or for a kids’ event. 

This theme goes great with colored lighting and fun neon decorations. Glow sticks and other similar party favors are always a favorite for events like these. And, to top it all off, be sure to have a trippy and fun playlist ready to match the mood!

  1. The Classic Foam Dance Party

We get it -- most people aren’t professional dancers. So it’s a little awkward to get out on the dance floor. Well, when the dancefloor is full of foam there’s nothing to worry about. Nobody can see you -- so you can finally let loose!

For this classic foam party, all you’ll need is a good sound system, the foam cannon and pit, and as many fun friends as you can think to invite. Just remember to bring your best dance moves.

  1. A Foam Party With Games 

Nothing adds to the fun of a familiar old game like adding a quirky new challenge. With foam everywhere, you’ll be certain to run into some fun new challenges. 

The game-centered foam party is perfect for a kids’ foam party. Typically speaking, kids are going to have more fun with games than dancing. Fortunately, foam parties are perfect for kids’ games. Games like Marco Polo, tag, and slip and slide are all the more fun when you’re waist-deep in foam. 

  1. A Pool Party -- Without the Pool!

On a hot summer day, nothing is quite like a pool party. Well, a pool isn’t always available -- so how are you going to cool down? With foam!

Combined with a slip and slide, some pool noodles, and a super soaker or two, a foam cannon can help you create a pool party in your backyard without a pool. 

This theme is perfect for a neighborhood get-together and can be combined with other themes -- like a cookout -- to cater to all your guests. 

Just be sure to remind everyone to bring their swimsuit!

  1. Foam Bounce House 

Bounce houses are a blast and foam parties are a frothy good time. So why not combine them? 

For this foam party theme, you’ll need a properly sized bounce house and the right amount of foam to get going. Keep in mind, you don’t want too much foam for this one to keep the environment safe. Soon you’ll be having a grand time slipping, falling, and bouncing back up again. 

This foam party idea is a lot of fun and it deals with the issue of clean up. 

  1. A Foam Party Just For The Kids

Considering issues of size, scale, safety, and theme, adults’ and kids’ foam parties are best kept separate. 


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A kids’ foam party is perfect for everything from birthday parties to casual summer get-togethers. Your kids will love playing with the bubbles, making foam beards, and chasing each other around to exhaustion.  

The good news is throwing a foam party for kids has never been easier

  1. An Adults’ Foam Party

If you’re thinking of throwing a foam party for adults, you’ll find it’s a little more involved than a kids’ party. 

For this party, you’ll want to find the perfect venue for your party. With a large foam pit, this venue could be right in your backyard, in a large open garage, or wherever you find room. Be sure to prepare the best sound system and a playlist everyone can dance to. Since it’s an adults’ foam party you’ll want to have plenty of drinks on hand.

Getting Your Party Started 

Foam parties have come a long way since the first foam dance parties in the ‘90s. For instance, it used to be that foam parties were thrown using large amounts of dish soap. These had a lot of harsh chemicals -- fortunately, the soap we use now is completely safe and hypoallergenic. Perfect for anyone who wants to join in on the fun. 

Health and safety are why when throwing a foam party, it’s best to make sure to source all your equipment from trustworthy professional suppliers. Professional party suppliers like Flyside Games offer the best, latest, and safest equipment for your party. This ensures that your foam party is a fun and safe time for all who attend. 

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