Ten Reasons Why Foam Parties are Exploding in Popularity

Ten Reasons Why Foam Parties Are Exploding in Popularity

It’s no secret -- foam parties are exploding in popularity. In fact, you’re probably here because you’re thinking of either throwing or attending one. 

Given how popular foam parties have become it might be easy to assume that they’ve always been this way. But only in the past ten years or so have foam parties really come into their own. 

Way back in the ’90s -- when foam parties were invented -- they were limited to one or two locations. These foam parties required industrial-grade equipment and special venues. Needless to say, foam parties were difficult to throw. 

It wasn’t until the ‘00s that foam parties began to spread and, by the ‘10s and beyond, they had begun to explode in popularity. 

So, why ARE foam parties exploding in popularity?

Here are the ten top reasons why everyone is loving foam parties. 

  1. They’re Easier Than Ever

Traditionally, the biggest hurdles for throwing a foam party were the foam cannon and the venue. Now, both affordable foam cannon and foam pit rentals are easy to find. 

With an affordable foam cannon rental, you can generate all the sudds you could ever want. All you have to do is provide a running water supply and keep the foam soap at the ready.

With a foam pit, you can bring your foam party nearly anywhere. Backyards, large garages, school gyms, and just about any large open space that can handle a little water are now perfect for throwing a foam party. 

  1. Foam Parties Have Never Been Safer

It’s true that when a foam party is done incorrectly, and the right precautions aren’t taken, some hazards can emerge. But over the years, safety standards for foam parties have emerged that help everyone stay safe and have fun. 

For instance, by using a foam pit and keeping the foam to a designated area you prevent issues that can occur from an uneven floor or unfamiliar terrain. This also allows for a designated drop-off area for any items you won’t want in the pit -- like glasses or phones.

Other key safety precautions include using non-toxic foam soap, wearing appropriate clothing, and laying out ground rules for attendees.

  1. They’re Great for Cooling Down 

When we think of summer, a lot of us imagine endless outdoor activities, barbecues with friends and family, and beautiful weather. But by the middle of the summer we start spending more and more time inside. It’s just too hot -- so we run to the comfor of our air conditioned homes. Sure, we want to get outside, but we need the right activity. 

Well, this is yet another reason why foam parties are exploding in popularity. When the weather gets hot, foam parties are the way to cool down. 

With all the sudds and water everywhere -- even if its 80 or more degrees at night --  you can still throw a dance party. Or, if you’re looking to throw a kids party, a foam party can provide the perfect supplement to a squirt gun battle or any games they’ll love playing.

  1. Foam Parties Can Cater to Anyone

If a party theme only caters to a select group of people, most likely that party style will remain relatively obscure. But, with foam parties, there’s a broad appeal -- leading to its explosive popularity.

Just about anyone can enjoy the novelty of a room full of foam. 

The thing about foam parties is that they’re versatile. They can be set up for a kids’ party or for an adult’s dance party and just about everything in between. With a rental foam cannon and pit, you could even host a kids party during the day and adults foam dance party at night. Why not?

  1. You Can Mix and Match Party Ideas

With all this creative potential, it’s no wonder that foam parties are gaining traction. 

Barbecue dance party? Block party game night? Pool party without the pool? With a foam party you can bring together all your party ideas. A foam pit creates a great focal point around which you can do anything. This means you can make sure all your guests are having the best time possible. 

Your imagination is the limit. What fun ideas will you come up with? 

  1. Party Goers Love Them

The unfortunate thing about parties is that people need to show up for them to be a good time. A party host needs the right occasion and a good attraction to get people motivated to come. 

This is why party hosts are going with foam parties -- they attract guests. People are intrigued by the novelty and potential of a foam party. The experience is memorable and the attendees love them. Once you’ve experienced one, you’ll know why; they’re loads of fun.

Who will be on your guestlist?

  1. Clean Up is Easier Than You Would Expect

With foam everywhere you’re probably thinking the clean up is a nightmare. Well, the clean up is actually not too bad as far as parties go. 

With a specialized rental foam pit much of the clean up amounts to simply rinsing everything off. Easy to set up, easy to clean! 

  1. People Love to Dance in Foam

Let’s face it getting out to the dancefloor can be a little embarrassing and maybe even a nervewracking for some of us. But with foam everywhere you get to have all the fun of dancing without the usual self-consciousness. This means to can let loose like never before. 

Dancing in foam might be the most fun you’ll ever have dancing! 

  1. Foam Parties are Loads of Fun 

This is probably the simplest reason for foam parties explosive growth. They’re simply a lot of fun! People come to the foam party for the novelty -- but they stay for love of it. After you experience your first foam party you’ll want to go to even more. 

  1. The Possibilities Are Endless

Foam parties are all about creativity. They provide an excellent starting point to add whatever theme or creative twist you can come up with. It’s this potential that has people coming back over and again to foam parties. 


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