Asking the right questions before signing a rental agreement can help you find the perfect rental company for your event, and unlock the joy of kids’ party rentals in Austin.

Kid's party rentals in Austin offer a great opportunity to host a memorable event without having to worry about the logistics. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, baby shower or other type of event, party rentals are an easy way to make your gathering special. However, it’s important to ask the right questions when renting party equipment to make sure you have a successful event.

Questions to Ask Before Renting Party Equipment

When looking for a party rental company, you should ask yourself a few key questions to make sure you’re getting the best deal and the best quality equipment. 

  • How much does the company charge for the rental items? Different companies may offer different prices, so it’s important to compare prices before making your final decision. You should also ask about any deposits or payment options the company offers. Some companies may require a deposit to secure the rental, and others may offer payment plans to make it easier to pay for the rental items. Note: You can find all of our rental information in the Product Descriptions, so you’ll know the cost in advance. 
  • It’s also important to ask about the condition of the rental items: Ask the company if the items are clean and in good working order. If possible, you should also inspect the equipment before renting it. This will ensure that you’re not renting equipment that is damaged or unsafe. You should also ask about the company’s cancellation policy in case something comes up and you need to cancel the rental. Note: All of our products are thoroughly inspected upon return for quality assurance and safety before we sanitize them for their next use. 
  • Finally, you should ask about any additional services the company provides: Some companies may offer delivery and setup services, as well as take-down and pickup. These services can be especially helpful if you don’t have the time or personnel to set up and take down the equipment yourself. Knowing what services are included in the rental agreement will help you make the most of your party rental experience. Note: Our service delivers and sets up your rental and takes it down when we come back to get it. 

Finding the Right Party Rental Company

Finding the right party rental company is key to having a successful event. Ask your friends and family for recommendations on rental companies they’ve used in the past (take a look at our amazing Google Reviews, so you can see for yourself why people love renting from FlySide Games). 

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