Why are the Combo Bounce House Rentals in Austin so Popular?

Why are the Combo Bounce House Rentals in Austin so Popular?

The Combo Bounce house is quickly becoming one of the most popular party rentals in Austin. This exciting and versatile bounce house is perfect for events of all kinds and offers endless hours of entertainment for kids of all ages.

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So, what are the combo bounce houses?

The combo wet/dry bounce house is essentially one inflatable hub for a whole party. As the name suggests, these bounce houses can either act as regular bounce houses or be turned into a miniature water park. With Austin’s scorching summers, we all know the benefits of that.

Austin Bounce House Rental

 But Flyside’s combo bounce house is a lot more than just a simple bounce house you can spray water on. Our combo bounce houses are a 7-in-1 fun zone. Here’s what they include:

  1. 13’x13’ jumping space
  2. Pop-up obstacles
  3. Basketball hoop
  4. Ladder climb
  5. Tunnel run
  6. TWO wet/dry wave slides
  7. Pool splash or ball pit

Why are these bounce houses so popular?

If the combo bounce houses' fun features don’t speak to you right off the bat, you’ll find that there are numerous practical reasons why they’re exploding in popularity here in Austin.

Easy (free!) set up 

In addition to its fun and exciting features, the combo bounce house is also easy to set up and take down. The total set up time for Flyside’s 7-1 combo bounce house is about 30 minutes. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to set it up – we do the work of delivering it and setting up FOR FREE. This makes it a convenient and hassle-free option for your party. 

Perfect for Austin’s climate

The combo bounce house is perfect for Austin for more than just convenient, however. For much of the year Austin’s weather is suited for outdoor activities – but that doesn’t mean it’s always hot water park weather. If the weather is good enough to go outside, then the combo bounce house has everything you need for a fun party.

During the summer you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the water slide on the combo bounce house. But, later in the year, you might find the moonwalk and basketball most attractive. The best part is if you change your mind you can change the setup easily. 

Low cost

Finally, and perhaps the biggest deciding factor for many is affordability. Few of us have unlimited resources to throw parties. This makes it an affordable and cost-effective option for those looking to add excitement and fun to their party or event.

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When should you rent a bounce house?

The combo bounce house is also a great choice for Austin party and game rentals. And, for those in Georgetown and Cedar Park, we haven’t forgotten about you either!With its spacious and durable design, this bounce house can accommodate up to 20 players at a time, making it perfect for large parties and events. The wet/dry feature allows for maximum versatility, as the bounce house can be used in a dry setting or transformed into a water park with the addition of water.

So when’s best to rent? Take your pick! 

Kids parties

The Combo Bounce house is also a great choice for those looking to add a touch of whimsy and magic to their party or event. With its colorful and vibrant design, this bounce house is sure to delight and captivate children of all ages.

Birthday parties

For us adults, our birthdays aren’t quite what they used to be. But for your kids they’re events they’ll remember for a lifetime. The combo bounce house is the new essential for birthday parties in Austin.

Community events

Whatever community you belong to in Austin, it’s likely to include children. As such, you’ll want any community events to keep kids active and entertained.

The Combo Bounce house is also a great choice for community events and festivals. With its vibrant and colorful design, this bounce house is sure to attract attention and draw crowds at any event. The wet/dry features also make it a perfect option for outdoor events, as it provides a fun and exciting way for children to cool off and stay entertained during the hot summer months.

School events

School events can be hard to plan for. They require a fun way to occupy many children while remaining safe enough to satisfy the most cautious parents. The combo bounce house solves this right away. 

The combo bounce house’s kid-safe design that allows for up to 20 players and a range of activities makes it a perfect choice for school events. This could be a great addition to your school’s field day, a fun incentive day, or a fun addition to a learning experience. 

Block parties

No block party is complete without a bounce house. But a bounce house alone won’t make your block party a memorable experience.

The combo bounce house has many features that make it a guaranteed hit for your neighborhood’s block party. And, since the combo bounce house can hold up to 20 players, you can be sure it can handle all the neighborhood kids.

Yes, adult parties too

Bounce house fun isn’t just for kids. They’re for the kids at heart too! In addition to its popularity among children, the combo bounce house is also a great choice for adults. The large and durable design of this bounce house makes it suitable for adults to use as well.

Just because bounce houses aren’t a standard sight for adult parties, doesn’t mean we don’t want the opportunity to jump on one ourselves. Some great possibilities for adult bounce house parties might be college parties, parties for sports teams, or even company getaways. For instance, all these events could have an obstacle course that could be used for fun competitions and team building.

Promotional events

Sometimes the hardest part of business is building momentum; getting people through the door. Promotional events can be a great way to do this. They help attract new customers and help secure existing ones.

By setting up a fun play zone with a combo bounce house, you can help attract the kids and parents of your desired customers – allowing for fun for the kids and a chance for parents to relax.

The takeaway

To wrap it all up, the Combo Wet/Dry Bounce house is a popular choice for Austin bounce house rentals, party rentals, and water slide rentals. This versatile and innovative bounce house offers endless hours of fun and entertainment for children and adults alike and is perfect for a variety of events.

With its large capacity, two slides, basketball hoop, ladder climb, tunnel run, and ball pit – the combo bounce house is quickly becoming one of the most popular party rentals in Austin.

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