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When the scorching Texan sun beats down, what could be more exhilarating than reveling in the cool refreshing embrace of foam? As the leader of Foam Parties in Austin, Flyside Games understands that the world of foam machines can sometimes seem overwhelming. With countless options available, selecting the ideal foam machine or a reliable foam machine rental service can be a daunting task.


But fret not, for we're here to steer you through the frothy waters! This comprehensive guide has been meticulously crafted to unravel the intricacies of foam machines, ensuring you're well-prepared to choose, operate, or rent a foam machine that perfectly suits your needs.


So, if you're ready to dive into the world of foam-filled excitement and make informed decisions, join us on this captivating journey!


What is a foam machine? 

Are you ready to dive into the world of foam machines? At Flyside Games, the leader in foam party rentals in Austin, Texas, we're here to demystify the excitement and creativity of foam machine parties.


A foam machine, as its name suggests, is designed to project foam into an open area, creating the perfect atmosphere for a foam party. Foam machine parties are a fantastic alternative to traditional pool gatherings, providing an exceptional experience for kids and adults during the summer months. Imagine an open space filled with a mountain of foamy bubbles, where laughter and unforgettable moments are guaranteed.


Flyside Games' foam machines are often referred to as foam cannons due to their distinct cylindrical shape. These machines are securely attached to a tripod, elevating them above the ground, which not only enhances their resemblance to cannons but also allows them to project foam over impressive distances. The power of a foam machine can determine the foam projection length, ranging from a playful 5 feet to an exhilarating 120 feet. Ours will launch 20 feet!


Foam machines, including the ones you can rent from Flyside Games, consist of three main components - a blower, a spray nozzle, and a mesh cone. These essential parts are housed within a robust tube constructed from either plastic or metal. The ingenious combination of these elements creates the magic of a foam machine, ensuring that your foam party is a roaring success.



How does a foam machine work?

Have you ever wondered about the inner workings of a foam machine? Here’s how they work.


Filling the Foam Machine Reservoir:

It all starts with the foam solution, the magical elixir that transforms into countless bubbles. To begin the foam-making process, we fill the foam machine reservoir with this special foam solution. This reservoir is the heart of the foam machine, where the foam fun is born.


Submersible Hose in Action:

With the foam solution ready to go, it's time to introduce our submersible hose. This little hose is submerged into the foam machine reservoir. Its role is to draw the foam solution and pull it through a garden hose, which connects to the foam machine. The pressure from the water hose literally pulls the solution into the machine. Science!


The Spray Nozzle's Precision:

As the foam solution travels through the little hose, it makes its way into the foam machine. Here's where the magic begins. The foam machine's spray nozzle, which resembles a sprinkler head, stands at the ready, precisely controlling the release of the foam solution.


The Blower's Power:

With the foam solution at the ready, it's time to introduce the blower, the engine that propels the foam. The blower pushes the foam solution toward the mesh cone, where it'll undergo a spectacular transformation.


Foam at Its Finest:

Finally, the foam solution rapidly exits the foam machine, aiming for the mesh cone. The sheer pace at which the foam solution escapes the foam machine is akin to the act of blowing bubbles but on a grand scale. Thousands of bubbles per second join forces, stacking together to create the foam that adds life to your foam party.




How much can you expect to invest in a foam machine? Here’s the lowdown on foam machine prices, from budget-friendly options to industrial powerhouses.


Budget-Friendly Options:

On the more affordable end of the spectrum, you'll find options like the Foamo Foam Machine by Little Tikes. This foam machine is available for just $239.99. While it's budget-friendly, the output won’t meet the needs of an actual party or for adult participants. It's ideal for smaller events with a few kids seeking foam-filled fun.


Middle of the Road:

For most foam party enthusiasts, a middle-of-the-road choice can provide the best balance between price and performance.

One option is the HD Pro Stacker Foam Machine by Foam Daddy, priced at $2,850.00, fits this description perfectly. The Oh!FX FC1 Foam Party Cannon is another option. It’s a powerhouse of foam-filled excitement. This mighty foam cannon boasts an impressive foam output, covering a range of 18-20 feet. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a dynamic foam experience without the need for large, complex equipment. Designed with portability and convenience in mind, this foam cannon is incredibly lightweight thanks to its plastic construction. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and set up at your preferred foam-filled event locations. Priced at $2,890.00, the FC1 offers unbeatable value, delivering an unforgettable foam extravaganza with ease. We at Flyside Games use this foam machine for our events, and it strikes a harmonious chord between cost and power. It's ideal for the majority of gatherings, delivering fantastic foam action without breaking the bank.


Industrial Powerhouses:

At the higher end of the price spectrum, we encounter industrial-grade foam machines like the Industrial Jet Foam Machine by Foam Daddy, coming in at $9,600.00. While this foam machine's price tag may seem substantial, it's designed for larger festivals and events that cater to hundreds of participants. It's admittedly overkill for most gatherings, but if you're planning a colossal foam extravaganza, this powerhouse delivers unparalleled foaminess.



Where can I buy a foam machine?

There are numerous options and locations where you can secure your very own foam machine. Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and specialized foam machine companies provide a wide selection of foam machines for purchase. Many local party supply stores and event rental shops carry foam machines. You can also go direct to foam machine manufacturers or even specialty event suppliers. Here’s a few:



Foam Daddy



Party City


What types of foam machines are there?

In the world of foam machines, you'll encounter dozens of options catering to different event needs and sizes. Here are some of the most common foam machines available, each tailored to specific requirements and event scales.



The Foamo Foam Machine by Little Tikes serves as a simple entry-level foam machine suitable for smaller gatherings and kids' parties. While it can create a modest foam zone, our recommendation for a more substantial and exciting foam experience would be one of the following options.



A standard foam machine covers to cover a 15 x 15-foot area with foam reaching up to 3 feet high. This foam machine is ideal for small gatherings where the primary participants are children.



There’s a semi portable foam machine featuring a shoulder strap, making it easy to carry. This machine offers versatility in dispersing foam to multiple areas. (FYI the majority of foam machines on this list require stationary operation in contrast.)



If you're hosting a medium-sized event with a diverse age range of guests, Flyside Games recommends a large foam machine. These machines can cover an extensive area of 30x30 feet, delivering foam up to 4 feet high, ensuring a memorable foam party experience.



As the event scale grows to immense proportions, an industrial foam machine comes into play. Capable of producing foam up to an astonishing 75 feet long and 30 feet high, this machine is designed for large festivals and fairs accommodating hundreds of guests.



An industrial jet foam machine takes foam parties to the grandest level. With the ability to shoot foam up to an impressive 120 feet long and 40 feet high, it's the ultimate choice for grand-scale events that demand an extraordinary foam experience.



What is the best foam machine?

When it comes to selecting the best foam machine, we wholeheartedly recommends the Oh!FX FC1 as your go-to choice. Combining a perfect blend of affordability, quality, foam output, coverage, and adaptability, the FC1 stands as the market leader, ensuring an unforgettable foam-filled adventure.


With a powerful foam output that spans an impressive 18-20 feet, the FC1 has redefined the foam experience. Its lightweight structure ensures hassle-free transport and setup, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking a portable and convenient foam solution. Versatile and reliable, this foam machine is your ideal companion for 90% of events and promises years of foam-filled fun.



How much does it cost to rent a foam machine?

We understand that renting a foam machine should be a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. The cost of renting a foam machine can vary depending on the specific requirements of your event. Generally, rental prices range from $300 to $1000 depending on the amount of time and foam you need and any extras you want.


We've made it super simple to rent a foam machine for any occasion. We have transparent pricing and NO hidden fees. Our hassle-free service is designed to bring the fun directly to you. We drop-off and setup, we provide simple instructions, then we pick up the equipment when your event is over. It's as simple as that! Also, you can keep the foam machine all day! Just tell us when to drop it off and when to pick it up.



Where can I rent a foam machine? 

If you're considering hosting a fantastic foam party but aren't looking to purchase your own foam machine, renting one is a fantastic choice. It's a cost-effective solution that allows you to enjoy all the foam-filled fun without the commitment of ownership. Here are two leading companies where you can rent a foam machine for your next event.


Flyside Games – Austin's Foam Party Experts

Flyside Games is your go-to destination for foam machine rentals in Austin, Texas. We specialize in delivering top-notch foam party experiences, ensuring that your event is a hit with your guests. Our Austin foam machine rentals are priced at just $299, and they come with a range of additional options to make your party even more memorable.


We offer the following:

  • Extra Foam Solution: Need more foam for your party? No worries! You can purchase extra foam solution for only $99. This way, your foam-filled fun can continue as long as you'd like.


  • Professional Foam Machine Operators: If you prefer to relax and let the experts handle the foam machine operation, we provide professional foam machine operators for $100. They'll ensure that the foam flows smoothly and consistently throughout your event.


  • Foam Pits: To elevate your foam party, we offer foam pits for just $149. These specially designed pits provide a designated play area where your guests can dive and frolic in the foam to their heart's content.


You can explore more details and book your foam machine here.



For those looking to rent a foam machine outside the Austin area, Foam Daddy is a reputable choice. They offer foam machine rentals that can be shipped to your location, making it convenient for various events. Their large foam cannon machine, priced at $850, delivers a thrilling foam experience. You can find more information and make your rental reservation here.


With these rental options, you can host an incredible foam party without the hassle of ownership, ensuring your event is memorable and hassle-free.



Renting a foam machine with Flyside Games

Congratulations! You've now mastered the ins and outs of foam machines, making you a mini foam machine expert. If you're ready to experience the thrill of a foam-filled event, we invite you to connect with us. At Flyside Games, we're here to make your next gathering an unforgettable foam party.

We proudly serve Austin and the surrounding areas, bringing the foam party to your doorstep. You can reach us here:

Email: Drop us a message at Our team is here to answer all your inquiries promptly.

Call or Text: Feel free to give us a call or send a text to (512) 693-9749. We're just a message away from making your event spectacular.

Online Booking: Ready to dive into the foam party excitement? You can conveniently book our foam machine rentals and services online. Visit our website here. 

With Flyside Games, your foam-filled adventure is just a message or a call away. Get in touch with us, and let's turn your next gathering into a foam-tastic celebration!


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