Gaga Ball

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Gaga Ball is fast-paced, high energy, and super simple play.

Fun for all ages, this game takes dodgeball into a pit with a single ball. Players throw a ball below the knees to strike them out. The last person standing wins!


  • All players start with one hand touching the wall
  • A referee throws the ball into the center
  • On the first two bounces, players yell GA! GA!
  • On the third bounce, players yell GO! And the ball is in action
  • Players can then hit the ball with an open or closed hand
  • If the ball touches a player below the knee, they are OUT!
  • If a player is hit above the knees, the play continues
  • If the ball is hit out of the pit, the last player to touch the ball is OUT!
  • If you hit the ball with two hands, you are OUT!
  • If a ball is caught on a fly, the player who hit the ball is OUT!
  • The last player standing is the winner of that round

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