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Elevate your upcoming party or event experience with Flyside Games' Foam Cannon rental in San Antonio. Our Foam Cannon is equipped with non-toxic, hypoallergenic soap, allowing you to create a foam spectacle that can reach up to 20 feet in distance and stack up to 10 feet or more.

Opting for a Foam Cannon rental is the ideal decision for children's parties, celebrations, and various festive occasions. By choosing our Foam Cannon for your next event, you'll understand why it remains a beloved party rental in the Greater Austin area.

Key details about our Foam Cannon rental in San Antonio:

- The Foam Cannon is suitable for gatherings of any size, from backyard gatherings to large stadiums. Remember to plan your soap usage accordingly!
- Our foam soap solution from Flyside Games dissolves quickly and is completely safe for everyone, including people, pets, and the environment. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, non-staining, and unscented.
- The Foam Cannon is recommended for ages five and up.
- Beyond being a foam machine, Flyside's Foam Cannon has the ability to shoot foam up to 20 feet and stack it as high as 10 feet.
- To ensure a seamless Foam party experience, Flyside provides a professional operator. However, if you prefer to handle it yourself, you can sign a waiver at checkout.
- Keep in mind that the foam will make you wet, so make sure your guests are dressed comfortably to get wet.

Is the foam safe?

Rest assured, Flyside Games' Foam Cannon soap is 100% safe and non-toxic. Our soap is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, non-staining, and unscented, making it suitable for everyone, including people, pets, and the environment.

In addition to the safety of the foam itself, Flyside provides an on-site professional operator to ensure the safe and smooth operation of your Foam Cannon. With a Foam Cannon rental from Flyside, you can enjoy a safe and fun addition to your next event.

Renting a Foam Cannon has never been easier

At Flyside Games, we take pride in offering a superior experience compared to other Foam Cannon rental companies. Here's why we are the top choice in San Antonio area.

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