How to throw your first foam party

Throwing a unique and memorable party isn’t out of reach; a foam party can help you host the event of a lifetime. 

The three things you’ll need to throw a foam party

We’ve all dreamed of throwing that one party that’d make us the talk of the town. The one they make movies about and we see on TV. We don’t necessarily know what we have in mind, but we know it’d be something fun and unique -- an experience to remember. 

If that sounds like the party you’d like to throw, then a foam party is what you’re looking for. Now widely accessible and with unending possibilities, foam parties are the best party idea out there for any number of occasions.  

Here are the four things any foam party will need.

  1. The right setting 

The right venue is the first and probably most important consideration when throwing a foam party. As you can imagine, the foam gets everywhere -- from head to toe -- and you won’t be able to see the floor. This means that you’ll want a surface as flat as possible without any big steps or other obstacles. After all, nothing ruins a perfectly good party like an injury or accident. 

But the right setting isn’t just about safety, it’s about fun. That means you’ll want to pick the largest area you can to fit all your friends and guests. If available, a dance floor is perfect. 

For many, these considerations mean that your best option might be having an outdoor foam party. However, this allows for unique opportunities as well as you can double your foam party with a pool party or other outdoor activities. And, of course, makes cleaning up a lot easier. 

  1. Foam-safe supplies

When you drop something at a foam party it’s hard to find it. So, this means you’ll want to avoid any glassware and stick to plastic. Not to mention things will be getting wet. 

You’ll also want ways for your guests to have fun and keep occupied. Traditional pool games are perfect for this: things like pool noodles, basketballs, and beach balls all make perfect accessories to your foam party. 

Here are some ideas for your list:

Inflatable foam pit

Plastic party cups and plates 

Lawn chairs and tables

Pool noodles


Pool basketball and hoop. 

Party favors like glow sticks and mardi gras beads 

Beyond these essentials, be sure that your guests know to bring the right attire: swimwear (or clothes you’re comfortable with getting wet and foamy) and pool shoes. Further, either let your guests know that they should bring plastic bags to keep things like their phones and wallets in or provide them. 

  1. Entertainment

A foam machine is a great start, but to get the party really going you’re going to need music, lights, and games. 

The music is up to you, but a foam party is a perfect opportunity to get people dancing and jumping around. Be sure to take requests and create a playlist that everyone can enjoy. 

And the lights? Well, those just look cool reflecting off all that foam. These might be standard colorful lights or even a black light. This means that a foam party is best thrown at night or a dimly lit room for maximum effect. 

As for games, a foam party is perfect to combine with a little friendly competition. The foam invites a certain level of experimentation that can only be experienced through games. Games that are great for foam parties include Marco Polo, tag, and mini-basketball.  

  1. All your friends!

As COVID restrictions continue, people are eager to see all their friends and have fun again. This means that all your friends are eager to get back together. Everyone wants to get back out -- invite them all! 

Besides, foam parties just aren’t the same with only a few people. The more people the better the foam party. 

Foam Parties with Flyside Games

Does a fun and unique foam party sound right for your event? Flyside Games has all the foam you’ll need for your party -- no matter the occasion. All we’ll need from you is a water faucet and an electrical outlet. 

Start planning your foam party here.  


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