Why Bubble Ball is the Perfect Austin Party Idea

Bubble Ball is a unique and fun experience for adults and kids.

Below are four popular bubble ball party game ideas for your next gathering. Each of these is perfect for a variety of settings -- from corporate team building to kids’ parties. They allow people to get a healthy dose of physical competition without worrying about physical injury. Plus they’re a ton of fun.

1. Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is pretty much what you’d expect -- soccer, but with the top half of your body in a plastic bubble. This allows the players to experience a game of soccer unlike they’ve ever played -- bouncing off opponents and the ground to take control of the ball and make that goal. No risk of using your hands here!

There are some differences to keep in mind, however. For instance, there are no goalies in Bubble soccer. This keeps the game moving fast and fun. Another difference is that there are no offsides rules -- which is good because who understands those anyway?

2. Capture the Flag

Capture the flag with bubble ball is a fun twist on the classic game.

This bubble ball game requires a lot of strategy and coordination from teammates to be successful. In this game, your goal is to capture your opponent's flag and return to your team's side without getting knocked over. A lot more difficult than it sounds! If you get knocked over the flag goes back to the beginning.

3. Sharks and Minnows

In Sharks and Minnows, one person starts as a ‘shark’ with everyone else being ‘minnows’.  As the shark knocks over others they too become a shark. The shark starts in the middle repeating “fishy, fishy come out and play” -- during which the minnows walk toward the shark. But when the shark yells, “Shark attack!” the minnows scatter.

The winner of this game is the last minnow left standing who then gets to be the first shark in the next round.

There are a lot of variations of this game so feel free to use your imagination.

4. King of the Ring

Like king of the hill, but without the hill, king of the ring involves designating a small area that an individual player must defend for as long as they can.

When everyone is bouncing off one another it’s hard to hold your position. This game allows the participants to show off their bubble ball mastery by keeping their spot as the king of the ring. The rules are simple: whoever holds their spot the longs, wins!

Bubble ball offers a great way to make the most of your at-home party.

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